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David Nahon was born in Paris in 1968. He studied Electrical Engineering at SUPELEC, one of the major French “Grande Ecole”, and obtained a Master of Science in “Communications and Signal Processing” from the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, in 1991.

Following his strong interest in visual arts he began studying 3D computer graphics and esthetics at the MSc of University Paris 8 “Art and Technology of Image”, and started a Ph.D. in “Esthetics Science and Technology of Arts”.

In 1994 he entered Z-A Production as a research and development engineer and developed PERSONA, a visual programming toolbox for procedural and interactive animation in real-time, which was used for many 3D computer animation productions in Z-A.

At the same time, he got involved in the development and direction of various interactive artwork from Maurice Benayoun, using network, real-time 3D animation, VR immersive environments, interactive sound, multimedia, internet ... and became technical and R&D director of Z-A

After 8 1/2 years at Z-A, David Nahon joined Virtools as the "VR and Simulations Solutions Manager"


David Nahon est né à Paris en 1968. Ingénieur SUPELEC (Option Signaux images et formes), il obtient le Master of Science de télécommunication et du traitement du signal de l'Imperial College of Science and Technology, à Londres, en 1991.

Poursuivant son intérêt profond pour les arts visuels, il étudie le graphisme 3D à l'université de Paris 8 et obtient un D.E.A en esthétique, sciences et technologie des arts (option Art et Technologie de l'Image).

Aprés une mission d'un an au laboratoire d'imagerie médicale LIP CNRS-Paris6, il rejoint Z-A Production en 1994, comme ingénieur de recherche et développement.

Dans ce cadre, il développe PERSONA, un outil de programmation visuel destiné à l'animation 3D en temps réel, utilisé dans de nombreuses productions de Z-A.

Dans le même temps, il fut impliqué dans le développement et la direction des oeuvres interactives de Maurice Benayoun, utilisant Internet, l'animation 3D en temps réel, les environnements immersifs 3D, le son interactif et le multimédia ... et devint directeur de la R&D et directeur technique de Z-A.

Aprés 8 1/2 ans passés au service de Z-A, David Nahon rejoint Virtools en tant que "VR and SImulation Solutions Manager"

Principal art work (from a technical point of view)

Is the Devil Curved

Interactive sound and image installation (for Imagina 1995)
Tech: 3D real-time animation, behavioral dynamic system, genetic algorithm, sound client/server with 4channel spatialization (ZAsoundserver)

The Tunnel under the Atlantic

The Paris/New Delhi

Networked Virtual spaces
Tech: Visio-conferencing over IP, site sync, beginning of ZAprofiler

World Skin

CAVE installation created for Ars Electronica Center.
Tech: Behavioral sound and space.

And what about me (1) ?

Collaborative visual java applet
Tech: Dedicated server, applet, image processing

The Idea Machine

Roulette-like game for an e-commerce site (www.clust.com).
Tech: Text generation (Using Jean-Pierre Balpe’s engine), Flash, cgi (perl, servlets)

Crossing Talks (Communication rafting)

CAVE interactive environment for ICC, Tokyo
Tech: Infrared video user tracking, QuickTime in texture, viso-conference in texture, sound behavior, space behavior.

Art Impact (Collective Retinal Memory)

3D and Web collaborative installation for Centre Pompidou, Paris
Tech: Client/server architecture, java applet, real-time 3D, dedicated server, real-time image processing, panorama real-time viewing.

Panoramic Tables

Augmented reality installation for Hanover Expo 2000
Tech: Virtual/real matching, dynamic behavioral animation.

Oiron à la Conciergerie

Subpart of Art Impact. Shown at La Conciergerie de Paris


Networked virtual environment for exhibition “Tu parles ! Le français dans tous ses états”, Dakar, Brussels, Lyon.
Tech: Voice recognition, text to speech, text generation (Jean-Pierre Balpe’s Engine), OpenGL in java, video-conferencing.

The interactive Membrane

Central part of the 14 monthes lasting exhibithion "Transfomed Man" at Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie, Paris
Tech: 7 synchronized PCs with animated textures and pixel shaders on GeForce3. Newer version of the ZAProfiler

The Waves

Interactive video artwork - Thierry Kuntzel, created for LisboaPhoto03 at Centro Cultural do Belem, Lisboa
Tech: Realtime control of the playback of a quicktime video with openGL. Users positions tracking with IR Laser

Principal Software:


A visual programming toolbox for procedural and interactive animation in real-time.


Client/server software for playing, spatializing and modulating sounds in real time.

The Travel Tunnel / ZAProfiler

A dynamic and intelligent visual database viewer

Moving Words
(like on http://www.benayoun.com/Acentre.html)

A java applet for presenting images and text links in a dynamic way

SAS Cube / SASlib / Virtools VRPack

The SAS Cube is the first French Immersive Cubic Room to run in France, and the first running on a cluster of PCs,

The SASLib is an API similar to the CAVELib, but targetted to PC clusters. It allows to write SAS Cube applications in C/C++.

The Virtools VR Pack is a complement to Virtools Dev that permits the creations of highly interactive distributed VR content with a graphical programming language (for the SAS Cube or any other VR platform)